News Press Release.

By & On Behalf Of South Wales Wood Recycling Ltd.

At approximately 3.30am on 19th September 2016 the company discovered a fire had been started on a wood chip pile located at their processing facility in Heol y Cyw. The cause of the fire is not yet fully known, though the circumstances surrounding the ignition of the fire are deemed to be suspicious. The incident affected a segregated pile consisting of an estimated 1,000 – 2,000 tonnes of recycled wood chip material situated on an exterior yard within the secured boundaries of the site.

The company worked closely and vigorously with Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Water and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to ensure the impact to both the environment and nearby communities was minimised as effectively and efficiently as possible. The company worked around the clock to tackle the issue and the incident was resolved on Saturday, 24th September 2016. The company would like to thank Natural Resources Wales and the South Wales Fire and Rescue services, our staff, colleagues and local community for their support, hard work and diligence in assisting to resolve the situation.

We acknowledge the serious nature of the event and the effect it has had on the local community and it’s residents. In respect of this, the company will now turn it’s attentions and resources to a full and thorough investigation. The incident continues to be investigated by the police and the fire service and we will also be conducting our own full and through investigation. In order to assist in the ongoing investigation with the South Wales Police and the Fire Investigation Service, the company is offering a significant cash reward to anyone that can provide information that will assist them in connection with their enquiries into the incident.

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